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uk /krɒp/ us /krɑːp/

crop noun (PLANT)

B1 [ C ] (the total amount collected of) a plant such as a grain, fruit, or vegetable grown in large amounts

The main crops grown for export are coffee and rice. 主要的出口作物是咖啡和大米。
a bumper (= very good) potato crop 薯仔大豐收

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crop noun (GROUP)

[ C usually singular ] informal a group of people or things with something in common, that exist at a particular time

The judges will select the best from this year's crop of first novels. 評委們將從今年的一批處女作小說中選出最出色的一部。

crop noun (HAIRSTYLE)

[ C ] a short hairstyle

Her hair was cut in a short crop. 她留著很短的平頭。

crop noun (THROAT)

[ C ] a part of the throat in many birds where food is stored before going into the stomach


crop noun (STICK)

[ C ] a short stick used to control a horse by hitting it



uk /krɒp/ us /krɑːp/ -pp-

crop verb (CUT)

[ T ] to make something shorter or smaller, especially by cutting

He had his hair cropped when he went into the army. 他進部隊時把頭髮剪短了。

[ T ] When animals such as sheep or horses crop grass or other plants, they eat the top parts.


[ T ] to remove some or all of the edges from a picture, leaving only the most important part

He cropped the photo so that only the face remained. 他把照片剪到只剩下臉。

crop verb (PLANT)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] If a plant crops, it produces fruit, flowers, etc.

The carrots have cropped (= grown) well this year. 今年的胡蘿蔔收成很好。

[ T usually passive ] to grow crops on land

The land is intensively cropped. 這片地莊稼種得很密。

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