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uk /ˈkruː.əl/ us /ˈkruː.əl/ crueller, cruellest or crueler, cruelest

B1 extremely unkind and unpleasant and causing pain to people or animals intentionally

Don't tease him about his weight - it's cruel. 別拿他的體重開玩笑——這樣太刻薄了。
Children can be very cruel to each other. 小孩相互之間會很殘忍。

causing suffering

His death was a cruel blow. 他的死是個無情的打擊。

More examples

  • It's so cruel to keep a pony chained up like that all the time.
  • Can't you see that you're really frightening your little brother? Don't be so cruel.
  • We appear to have been the victims of a cruel practical joke.
  • Fate played a cruel trick on him when he was badly injured in his first international game.
  • Keeping animals in these conditions is unbelievably cruel - the farmer ought to be prosecuted.
adverb uk /ˈkruː.ə.li/ us /ˈkruː.ə.li/

B2 in a cruel way


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