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uk /dɑːns/ us /dæns/

A1 [ I or T ] to move the body and feet to music

We danced all night. 我們跳了一夜的舞。
We went dancing at a club. 我們去夜總會跳舞。
What kind of music do you like dancing to? 你喜歡伴著哪種歌曲跳舞?
Who was she dancing with at the party last night? 昨晚她在派對上跟誰跳舞?
Can you dance the tango? 你會跳探戈嗎?
We played our music and danced the night away.

[ I ] literary to move quickly and lightly

The daffodils were dancing in the breeze. 黃色水仙在微風中輕輕舞動。
She watched the sunlight dancing on the water. 她注視著水面上的粼粼波光。

More examples

  • He was too shy to ask her to dance with him.
  • The lights and loud music in the club made her want to dance.
  • He dances well for a man of his years.
  • They danced to the beat of the drums.
  • Come on, why aren't you dancing? Enjoy yourselves!


uk /dɑːns/ us /dæns/

B1 [ C ] a particular series of movements that you perform to music or the type of music that is connected with it

The band played a slow dance. 樂隊演奏了一首舒緩的舞曲。

A2 [ C ] a social occasion where people dance, especially a formal occasion in a large room

They're having an end-of-term dinner-dance. 他們要舉辦一場期末餐舞會。

A1 [ C or U ] the act of moving your feet and body to music

UK We had a dance. 我們跳了一支舞。
The bride's father gets the first dance at the wedding.
a dance class 舞蹈課

A2 [ U ] the art of performing dances, especially as a form of entertainment

The performers tell the story through song and dance. 演員們載歌載舞演繹了那個故事。

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