Translation of "dance" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /dɑːnts/ US  /dænts/

[ C or U ] when you move your feet and body to music

We had a dance. 我們跳了一支舞。
a dance class 舞蹈課

[ C ] a particular series of movements which you perform to music or the type of music which is connected with it

The band played a slow dance. 樂隊演奏了一首舒緩的舞曲。

[ C ] a social occasion at which people dance, especially a formal occasion in a large room

They're having an end-of-term dinner-dance. 他們要舉辦一場期末餐舞會。

[ U ] the art of performing dances, especially as a form of entertainment

The performers tell the story through song and dance. 演員們載歌載舞演繹了那個故事。

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