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daynoun [ C ]

uk /deɪ/ us /deɪ/

A1 a period of 24 hours, especially from twelve o'clock one night to twelve o'clock the next night

January has 31 days. 一月份有31天。
the days of the week 一周的七天
He runs five miles every day. 他每天跑5英里。
It took us almost a day to get here. 我們花了幾乎一天的時間才到這裡。
I saw him the day before yesterday. 我前天見到他了。
We leave the day after tomorrow. 我們後天離開。
He was last seen alive five days ago. 人們最後一次見到他時,是在五日前,那時他還活著。
They haven't been seen for days (= for several days). 他們有一段時間沒露面了。
I'll be seeing Pat in a few days/in a few days' time. 過幾天我會見到派特。
How's your day been? (= Have you enjoyed today?) 你今天過得好嗎?
Have a nice day! 祝你有愉快的一天!
I must get some sleep - I've got a big day (= an important day) tomorrow. 我要睡一睡了——我明天有很重要的事。

A2 used to refer to the period in 24 hours when it is naturally light

a bright sunny day 陽光明媚的一天
It rained all day. 今天下了一整天的雨。
These animals sleep during the day and hunt at night. 這些動物晝伏夜出。

A2 the time that you usually spend at work or at school

a normal working day 正常的工作天
I work a seven-hour day. 我每天工作七小時。
We're having to work a six-day week to cope with demand. 為了滿足需求,我們將不得不每週工作六天。
the other day

B1 a few days ago

Didn't I see you in the post office the other day? 前幾天我不是在郵局見過你嗎?
these days

A2 used to talk about the present time, in comparison with the past

Vegetarianism is very popular these days. 現在很流行素食。
in those days

B2 in the past

In those days people used to write a lot more letters. 過去人們多會寫信。
any day now

B2 very soon, especially within the next few days

The baby's due any day now. 就這幾天嬰兒就要出生了。
by day

when it is naturally light

I prefer travelling by day. 我喜歡在白天旅行。
day after day

B1 repeatedly, every day

The same problems keep coming up day after day. 每天都會出現同樣的問題。
day and night

all the time

You can hear the traffic from your room day and night. 無論白天晚上你在房間裡都會聽到車輛的嘈雜聲。
day by day

B2 every day, or more and more as each day passes

Day by day he became weaker. 他的身體日漸虛弱。
(from) day to day

If something changes (from) day to day, it changes often.

The symptoms of the disease change from day to day. 這種疾病的症狀每天都會發生變化。
the days

C1 a period in history

How did people communicate in the days before email? 沒有電子郵件的時候人們是怎樣交流的?
to this day

up to and including the present moment

To this day nobody knows what happened to him. 到現在也沒人知道他到底出了甚麼事。

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