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uk /dɪˈɡriː/ us /dɪˈɡriː/

degree noun (AMOUNT)

B2 [ C usually singular, U ] (an) amount or level of something

This job demands a high degree of skill. 這項工作對技術的要求很高。
There isn't the slightest degree of doubt that he's innocent. 毫無疑問,他是無辜的。
I have to warn you that there's a degree of (= some) danger involved in this. 我必須警告你這裡面有一定的危險。
The number of terrorist attacks has increased to a terrifying degree. 恐怖襲擊的次數已經到了駭人的程度。
There was some degree of truth in what she said. 她的話有一定的道理。
To what degree do you think we will be providing a better service? 你認為我們的服務還有多大的改進空間?
"That's really bad." "Well, it's all a matter/question of degree (= there are other things better and other things worse)." 「那可真是太糟糕了。」「只是程度不同而已。」

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degree noun (UNIT)

A2 [ C ] written abbreviation deg. any of various units of measurement, especially of temperature or angles, usually shown by the symbol ° written after a number

度,度數(尤指溫度或角度的度量單位,通常在數字後用符號 °來表示)
a difference of three degrees 三度之差
Water boils at 212° Fahrenheit and 100° Celsius/Centigrade. 水在212華氏度,即100攝氏度沸騰。
A right angle is an angle of 90°. 直角為90度。
New York is on a latitude of 41°N and a longitude of 74°W. 紐約位於北緯41度、西經74度。

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degree noun (SUBJECT OF STUDY)

B1 [ C ] a course of study at a college or university, or the qualification given to a student after he or she has completed his or her studies

She has a physics degree/a degree in physics from Edinburgh. 她獲得了牛津大學物理學學位元。
mainly US She has a bachelor's/master's degree in history from Yale. 她獲得了耶魯大學歷史學專業的學士/碩士學位。
UK "What degree did you do at York?" "Geography." 「你在約克大學修讀甚麼課程?」「地理學。」

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uk / -dɪ.ɡriː/ us / -dɪ.ɡriː/

used with an ordinal number to show how serious something is

She suffered first-/second-/third-degree (= least serious/serious/very serious) burns on her legs. 她的腿部受到一度/二度/三度燒傷。
US He's being charged with first-degree (= the most serious type of) murder. 他被指控犯下一級謀殺罪。

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