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delightnoun [ C or U ]

uk /dɪˈlaɪt/ us /dɪˈlaɪt/

B2 (something or someone that gives) great pleasure, satisfaction, or happiness

My sister's little boy is a real delight. 我姐姐的小兒子很討人喜歡。
I read your letter with great delight. 我非常愉快地看了你的來信。
The children squealed in delight when they saw all the presents under the Christmas tree. 孩子們看到聖誕樹下的各種禮物時興奮地叫了起來。
He seems to take great delight in (= enjoys) teasing his sister. 他似乎覺得逗他妹妹玩很有趣。
the delights of sth

the pleasures of something

We're just discovering the delights of being retired. 我們剛剛開始體會到退休後的種種樂趣。

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delightverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈlaɪt/ us /dɪˈlaɪt/

to give someone great pleasure or satisfaction

Peter's academic success delighted his family. 彼得在學校裡的良好表現讓全家人感到高興。

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