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demandverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈmɑːnd/ us /dɪˈmænd/

demand verb [ T ] (REQUEST)

B1 to ask for something forcefully, in a way that shows that you do not expect to be refused

I demanded an explanation. 我要求給我一個解釋。
The union is demanding a seven percent pay rise this year. 汽車工會要求今年加薪7%。
He has always demanded the highest standards of behaviour from his children. 他總是以最高的行為準則來要求自己的孩子。
[ + speech ] "And where do you think you're going?" demanded the police officer. 「你覺得自己在往哪裡去?」員警問道。
[ + to infinitive ] I demand to see the manager. 我要求見經理。
[ + that ] She demanded that he return the books he borrowed from her. 她要求他把從她那裡借走的書還回來。

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demand verb [ T ] (NEED)

B2 to need something such as time, effort, or a particular quality

This is a very difficult piece of music to play - it demands a lot of concentration. 這段樂曲很難演奏——需要注意力高度集中。
He seems to lack many of the qualities demanded of (= needed by) a successful politician. 他似乎缺少成功政治家所應具備的很多素質。


uk /dɪˈmɑːnd/ us /dɪˈmænd/

demand noun (REQUEST)

B1 [ C ] a strong request

You can't give in to children's demands all the time. 你不能總是對孩子們的要求作出讓步。
The government is unlikely to agree to the rebels' demands for independence. 政府不可能同意叛亂者提出的獨立要求。
UK They received a final demand (= a last request) for payment. 他們收到了要求付款的最後通牒。

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demand noun (NEED)

B2 [ C or U ] a need for something to be sold or supplied

There was little demand for tickets. 很少有人來買票。
Good teachers are always in (great) demand (= are always needed). 社會總是需要(大量的)優秀教師。
demands [ plural ]

the difficult things that you have to do

The demands of nursing are too great for a lot of people. 護理工作的要求之高令很多人都難以承受。
His new job makes a lot of demands on him (= he has to work very hard). 新工作對他要求很高。

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