Translation of "design" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (PLAN) 計劃 uk us /dɪˈzaɪn/

[ C ] a drawing or set of drawings showing how a building or product is to be made and how it will work and look

Have you seen the designs for the new shopping centre? 你看過新購物中心的設計圖了嗎?

[ U ] (also designing) the art of making plans or drawings for something

She's an expert on kitchen/software design. 她是廚房/軟體設計專家。
He's studying design at college. 他正在大學學習設計。

[ S or U ] the way in which something is planned and made

I don't like the design of this kettle. 我不喜歡這個茶壺的設計。
The building was originally Victorian in design. 這座建築物原是維多利亞式設計風格。
a serious design fault 嚴重的設計缺陷
The car has some excellent design features. 這款汽車有一些很棒的設計特色。

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