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desknoun [ C ]

uk /desk/ us /desk/

desk noun [ C ] (TABLE)

A1 a type of table that you can work at, often one with drawers

an office/school desk 辦公桌/書桌
She sat at her desk writing letters. 她坐在書桌前寫信。
He had a pile of papers on his desk. 他的辦公桌上有一疊文件。
The report arrived on/landed on/reached my desk (= I received it) this morning. 這份報告是今天早上送到我的桌上的。

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desk noun [ C ] (SERVICE AREA)

a place, often with a counter (= a long flat narrow surface) especially in a hotel or airport, where you can get information or service

a check-in/information/reception desk 登機櫃枱/詢問處/接待處

desk noun [ C ] (NEWSPAPER OFFICE)

an office that deals with a particular type of news for a newspaper or broadcasting company

the foreign/sports desk 國際/體育部
Now let's hear from Sue at our travel desk. 現在我們來聽聽旅行部的休帶來的新聞。

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