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uk /daɪˈrekt/ /dɪˈrekt/ us /daɪˈrekt/ /dɪˈrekt/

direct adjective (STRAIGHT)

B1 going in a straight line towards somewhere or someone without stopping or changing direction

a direct route/line 直通的路徑/線路
Is there a direct train to Edinburgh? 有到愛丁堡的直達列車嗎?

B2 without anyone or anything else being involved or between

She decided to take direct control of the project. 她決定直接管理這個企劃案。
He denied that he had any direct involvement in the deal. 他否認自己與這筆交易有任何直接關係。
Do you have any direct experience of this kind of work? 你有沒有這種工作的直接經驗?
He left as a direct result/consequence of what she said. 她的話是他離去的直接原因。
There is a direct link/connection between smoking and lung cancer. 吸煙與肺癌有直接的聯繫。
direct light/heat

strong light or heat that has nothing protecting and separating you from it

This plant should be kept out of direct sunlight. 這種植物應避免陽光直射。
direct relation/relative/descendant

a relation who is related to you through one of your parents, not through an aunt or uncle, etc.

Diana is a direct descendant of Robert Peel. 戴安娜是羅伯特‧皮爾的直系後代。

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direct adjective (COMPLETE)


a direct contrast 完全的對比
She's very thoughtful - the direct opposite of her sister. 她想得很周到——和她姐姐截然相反。

direct adjective (HONEST)

C1 Someone who is direct says what they think in a very honest way without worrying about other people's opinions.

I like her open and direct manner. 我喜歡她坦率直接的態度。


uk /daɪˈrekt/ /dɪˈrekt/ us /daɪˈrekt/ /dɪˈrekt/

direct verb (CONTROL)

C1 [ T ] to control or be in charge of an activity, organization, etc.

She directs a large charity. 她主管一家大型慈善機構。

B1 [ I or T ] to be in charge of a film or play and tell the actors how to play their parts

He wanted to give up acting and start directing (his own films). 他想放棄表演轉而開始幹導演(導演自己的電影)。
"Jaws" was directed by Steven Spielberg. 《大白鯊》是史提芬‧史匹堡導演的。

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direct verb (AIM)

C1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to aim something in a particular direction

Was that remark directedat/towards me? 這話是對我說的嗎?
Criticism was directed against/at the manufacturers of the product. 批評意見直指該產品的生產廠家。

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direct verb (SAY WHERE)

B1 [ T ] to tell someone how to get somewhere

Could you direct me to the airport? 你能告訴我去機場的路嗎?
I couldn't find the station, so I asked someone if they could direct me. 我找不到車站,只好去問路。

direct verb (ORDER)

[ T + obj + to infinitive ] formal to order someone, especially officially

The judge directed the defendant to remain silent. 法官命令被告保持安靜。


uk /daɪˈrekt/ /dɪˈrekt/ us /daɪˈrekt/ /dɪˈrekt/

without having to stop or change direction

Does this train go direct to Edinburgh? 有到愛丁堡的直達列車嗎?

without anything or anyone else being involved or in between

Can I dial this number direct or do I have to go through the switchboard? 我可以直接撥這個號碼還是需要總機接轉?

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