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uk /ˌdɪs.əˈpɔɪnt.mənt/ us /ˌdɪs.əˈpɔɪnt.mənt/

B1 [ U ] the feeling of being disappointed

Get tickets early to avoid disappointment. 早點預訂以免撲空。
To my (great) disappointment (= sadness), he decided to leave. 令我(非常)沮喪的是,他決定離開。

B1 [ C usually singular ] something or someone that is not what you were hoping it would be

The party turned out to be a huge disappointment. 派對辦得令人大失所望。
I always felt I was a disappointment to my parents. 恐怕我已經讓父母感到非常失望了。

More examples

  • Their son has been a deep disappointment to them.
  • She tried to hide her disappointment at not getting the promotion.
  • The match ended in disappointment for the retiring captain, Viv Richards.
  • She swallowed her disappointment, saying, "That's OK, it doesn't matter."
  • Failing the final exams was a bitter disappointment for me.

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