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uk /ˈdɪs.ə.plɪn/ us /ˈdɪs.ə.plɪn/

discipline noun (TRAINING)

B2 [ U ] training that makes people more willing to obey or more able to control themselves, often in the form of rules, and punishments if these are broken, or the behaviour produced by this training

parental/military/school discipline 父母的訓導/軍事訓練/校規
There should be tougher discipline in schools. 學校的紀律應該更嚴一些。
I don't have enough (self) discipline to save money. 我總是控制不住自己花錢的慾望。

[ U ] the ability to control yourself or other people, even in difficult situations

Maintaining classroom discipline (= control of the students) is the first task of every teacher. 維護課堂紀律是每位教師的首要任務。

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discipline noun (SUBJECT)

C2 [ C ] a particular area of study, especially a subject studied at a college or university



uk /ˈdɪs.ə.plɪn/ us /ˈdɪs.ə.plɪn/

discipline verb (PUNISH)

[ T ] to punish someone

A senior army officer has been disciplined for revealing secret government plans to the media. 一名高級公務員因向媒體透露政府秘密計劃而受到懲罰。

discipline verb (CONTROL)

[ T ] to teach someone to behave in a controlled way

[ + to infinitive ] I'm trying to discipline myself to eat less chocolate. 我正試圖控制自己少吃巧克力。

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