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distressnoun [ U ]

uk /dɪˈstres/ us /dɪˈstres/

C1 a feeling of extreme worry, sadness, or pain

She claimed that the way she had been treated at work had caused her extreme emotional and psychological distress. 她說自己在工作中受到的待遇讓她在情感和心理上都感到非常痛苦。
Many of the horses were showing signs of distress at the end of the race. 比賽接近尾聲時,許多馬匹都表現出非常痛苦的樣子。

C2 a situation in which you are suffering or are in great danger and therefore in urgent need of help

Six people were rescued by helicopter from a fishing boat in distress off the coast. 直升機從康沃爾郡海岸附近的一艘遇險漁船上救出了六個人。
a distress signal 求救信號

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distressverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈstres/ us /dɪˈstres/

to make someone feel very upset or worried

I hope I haven't distressed you with all these personal questions. 我希望我問的這些私人問題沒有讓你心煩。

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