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uk /dɒk/ us /dɑːk/

dock noun (FOR SHIPS)

C1 [ C ] an area of water in a port that can be closed off and that is used for putting goods onto and taking them off ships or repairing ships

docks [ plural ]

a group of these areas of water in a port and the buildings around them

The strike has led to the cancellation of some ferry services and left hundreds of passengers stranded at the docks. 罷工導致部分輪度停業,數百名旅客滯留碼頭。

[ C ] US a long structure built over water where passengers can get on or off a boat or where goods can be put on and taken off


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dock noun (LAW)

the dock [ S ] mainly UK

the place in a criminal law court where the accused person sits or stands during the trial

The defendant seemed nervous as he left the dock and stepped up to the witness box. 被告人在離開被告席走向證人席時似乎有些緊張。
The company will find itself in the dock (= in court) if it continues to ignore the pollution regulations. 如果該公司繼續無視控制污染的規定,它就會被告上法庭。

dock noun (PLANT)

[ C or U ] a common wild plant with large wide leaves that grows in some northern countries such as Britain

Rubbing dock leaves on nettle stings helps to relieve the pain. 將酸模葉子揉碎抹在蕁麻刺傷處有助於止痛。


uk /dɒk/ us /dɑːk/

dock verb (REMOVE)

[ T ] to remove part of something

As a punishment, the Army docked the soldiers' pay/wages by 20% and took away their leave. 該大學由於教師們拒絕批改試卷扣發了他們20%的工資。
The lambs' tails are docked (= cut short) for hygiene reasons. 出於衛生方面的考慮,羊的尾巴都被剪短了。

dock verb (SHIP)

[ I or T ] If a ship docks, it arrives at a dock and if someone docks a ship, they bring it into a dock.

Hundreds of people turned up to see the ship dock at the pier. 數百人前來觀看該船駛入南安普敦港。
The Russians and Americans docked (= joined together in space) (their spacecraft) just after one o'clock this morning. 俄國人和美國人(的太空船)今天淩晨一點剛過時實現了太空對接。

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