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doorstepnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈdɔː.step/ us /ˈdɔːr.step/

doorstep noun [ C ] (STEP)

a step in front of an outside door

He left the package on the doorstep. 別讓她在門口站著了,傑米,請她進來吧。

doorstep noun [ C ] (BREAD)

UK a very thick piece of bread



uk /ˈdɔː.step/ us /ˈdɔːr.step/ -pp- UK

[ T often passive ] disapproving If you are doorstepped by journalists, they come to your house and ask you to speak or answer questions, even if you do not want them to.

He complained about being doorstepped by the press. 他對報社記者強行上門採訪頗有微詞。

[ I or T ] to go to every house in a particular area selling something or asking for support


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