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uk /drɔː/ us /drɑː/ drew, drawn

draw verb (PICTURE)

A1 [ I or T ] to make a picture of something or someone with a pencil or pen

Jonathan can draw very well. 喬納森的畫畫得相當棒。
The children drew pictures of their families. 孩子們畫了自己的家人。
Draw a line at the bottom of the page. 在本頁的底部畫一條線 。

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draw verb (ATTRACT)

B2 [ T ] to attract attention or interest

He's an excellent speaker who always draws a crowd. 他很擅長演講,總能吸引大批的聽眾。
Could I draw your attention to item number three on the agenda? 我可以請你看一看議程的第三項內容嗎?
UK Does he wear those ridiculous clothes to draw attention to himself? 他穿那些滑稽的衣服就是想吸引人們的注意嗎?
draw sb's eye(s)

to attract someone's attention

Her eyes were immediately drawn to the tall blond man standing at the bar. 她的注意力立即被酒吧裡站著的一位高個頭金髮男子吸引住了。

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draw verb (MAKE)

C2 [ T ] formal to make or show a comparison between things

You can't really draw a comparison between the two cases - they're completely different. 你不能拿這兩個案子相比較——因爲它們完全不同。
It's sometimes very difficult to draw a clear distinction between the meanings of different words. 有時很難明確區分不同單詞的含義。
draw a conclusion

B2 to consider the facts of a situation and make a decision about what is true, correct, likely to happen, etc.

I'd seen them together so often, I drew the logical conclusion that they were husband and wife. 我常看見他們在一起,所以認爲他們是夫妻。

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draw verb (MOVE)

B2 [ I + adv/prep ] to move in a particular direction, especially in a vehicle

The train slowly drew into the station/drew in. 火車慢慢開進車站。
As we drew alongside (= reached) the black car, I suddenly recognized my ex-boyfriend at the wheel. 當我們來到那輛黑色汽車跟前的時候,我突然發現開車的是我以前的男朋友。
UK Montgomery drew level with Greene in the 100 metres final, but never passed him. 在100米決賽中蒙哥馬利和格林並駕齊驅,但卻一直未能超過他。
draw near, close, etc.

B2 to become nearer in space or time

As Christmas draws nearer, the big stores start to get unbearably crowded. 隨著聖誕節的臨近,商店開始變得擁擠不堪。
As she drew closer, I realized that I knew her. 等她走近一些後我才發現我認識她。
draw to a close/an end

C2 to gradually finish

As the evening drew to a close, people started reaching for their coats. 晚會即將結束的時候人們開始去拿自己的外套。

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draw verb (CAUSE)

[ T ] If something draws a reaction, people react in the stated way.

Her speech last night in the Senate drew an angry response. 昨晚她在參議院的講話引起了人們的憤怒。

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draw verb (PULL)

C2 [ T + adv/prep ] to pull or direct something in a particular direction

She drew her coat tightly around her shoulders. 她拉緊外衣的肩膀處。
The crowd watched as the referee drew the player aside/to one side and spoke to him. 人們看到裁判把那名運動員帶到一邊和他說了些甚麽。
draw the curtains

to pull curtains so that they are either together or apart


draw verb (CHOOSE)

[ I or T ] to choose a number, card, etc. from several numbers, cards, etc. without first seeing it, in a competition or a game

I was dealt two aces, and I drew a third. 發牌時我得到兩張 A 牌,後來我又抽到了一張。

draw verb (TAKE OUT)

[ T ] to take something out of a container or your pocket, especially a weapon

Suddenly he drew a gun/knife and held it to my throat. 突然他拿出一把槍/刀抵住我的喉嚨。

[ T ] to cause a substance, especially blood, to come out of a body

He bit me so hard that it drew blood. 他把我咬得都出血了。

draw verb (GET)

[ T ] to get a feeling, idea, etc. from something or someone

She drew comfort from the fact that he died peacefully. 他去世時很安詳,為此她感到欣慰。

draw verb (BREATHE)

[ I or T ] to take air or smoke into your lungs

She drew a deep breath and plunged into the water. 她深吸一口氣,然後猛地跳入水中。

draw verb (EQUAL)

C1 [ I ] UK to finish a game with the same number of points as the other person or team

Coventry drew 1–1 with United in the semifinal. 考文垂隊在準決賽中以一比一與曼聯隊戰平。

draw verb (MONEY)

[ T + prep ] to get money from a bank, account, etc. so that you can use it

I drew some money out of my account to pay for our trip. 愛麗森從她的帳戶中取了些錢給我們作旅費。

[ T ] to receive money regularly, especially as an employee or from the government

He's been drawing a pension for ten years. 他領取養老金已經十年了。


uk /drɔː/ us /drɑː/

draw noun (ATTRACTION)

[ C usually singular ] someone or something that a lot of people are interested in

We need someone at the event who'll be a big draw and attract the paying public. 我們需要一個深受大家喜歡的人到場,以吸引人們花錢買票。

draw noun (EQUAL SCORE)

[ C ] UK a situation in which each team in a game has equal points and neither side wins

The result was a draw.

draw noun (COMPETITION)

[ C ] UK US also drawing a competition that is decided by choosing a particular ticket or number by chance


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