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earlyadjective, adverb

uk /ˈɜː.li/ us /ˈɝː.li/ earlier, earliest

A1 near the beginning of a period of time, or before the usual, expected, or planned time

If you finish early you can go home. 如果能提前完成你就可以回家。
If you arrived earlier, you'd have more time. 如果早一點到,你就會有更多的時間。
I like being a little early for interviews. 每次去參加面試,我都喜歡提早一會兒到。
They scored two goals early (on) in the game. 他們在開賽不久就進了兩個球。
I hate having to get up early (in the morning). 我討厭(早晨)不得不早起。
I'm going to have an early night (= go to sleep before my usual time). 我要早點睡。
She was a poet living in the early 15th century. 她是一位生活在15世紀初期的詩人。
He learned to read at the early age of three. 他早在三歲時就學會認字了。
It's a little early to be sowing carrot seeds, isn't it? 現在種胡蘿蔔還太早,不是嗎?
Henry Ford was a pioneer during the early days/years of car manufacture. 賓士是早期汽車製造業的先驅品牌。
My earliest (= first) memory is of being shown around our new house. 我最初的記憶是被帶着看我們的新家。
These are some of my early (= first) attempts at sculpture. 這些是我最初嘗試雕塑創作時的一些習作。
Here's a dish I prepared earlier (= I made a short time ago). 這是我剛做好不久的一道菜。

Early flowers and vegetables are ones that are ready early in the year, before most other ones.

at the earliest

C2 used after a date or time to show that something will not happen before then

I'm very busy, so I won't be with you till four o'clock at the earliest. 我太忙了,最早也得到四點才能跟你在一起。

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