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earnverb [ I or T ]

uk /ɜːn/ us /ɝːn/

A2 to receive money as payment for work that you do

I earn $80,000 a year. 我一年賺三萬美元。
How much do you earn, if you don't mind me asking? 如果你不介意的話,能告訴我你賺多少錢嗎?
You can't expect to earn a living (= be paid enough money to live on) from your painting. 你不能指望靠畫畫來維持生計。
[ + two objects ] Coffee exports earn (= give) Brazil many millions of dollars a year./Brazil earns many millions of dollars a year from coffee exports. 咖啡出口每年給巴西帶來的收入達數百萬英鎊。/巴西藉由出口咖啡每年收入達數百萬英鎊。

C2 to get something that you deserve

It's been a tough six months and I feel I've earned a few weeks off. 這半年可真是夠辛苦的,我覺得我也該休息幾周了。
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