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adverb (also East) uk us /iːst/ (written abbreviation E)

towards the east

We'll drive east for a few more miles, then turn south. 我們再向東開幾公里,然後轉彎向南。
They were the first people to travel east of the mountains (= into the area beyond and to the east of the mountains). 他們是第一批到此山脈以東地區旅遊的遊客。
We walked due (= directly) east for two kilometres. 我們向正東方向走了兩公里。
The garden faces east, so we'll get the morning sun. 花園朝東,所以上午我們可以享受到陽光。

(Translation of “east adverb” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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