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uk /ˌel.ɪˈveɪ.ʃən/ us /ˌel.əˈveɪ.ʃən/

elevation noun (OF A BUILDING)

[ C ] specialized architecture the front or side of a building as shown on a drawing

This plan shows the front, side, and back elevations of the new supermarket. 該示意圖展示的是新超市的正、側、後三面的正視圖。

elevation noun (OF A PLACE)

[ C or U ] formal the height of a place above the level of the sea

Atmospheric pressure varies with elevation and temperature. 氣壓隨海拔和氣溫的高低而變化。
The crop is not grown at high elevations/above an elevation of 1,000 metres. 這種作物不宜在海拔高的/海拔高於1000公尺的地區種植。

elevation noun (HILL)

[ C ] formal a hill

The flagpole stands on a small elevation in front of the building. 旗杆矗立在樓前的 一小塊凸起的高地上。

elevation noun (IMPORTANCE)

[ U ] formal the fact of being given a more important position

His elevation to the presidency of the new republic was generally popular. 總的來說,他被推舉爲新共和國的總統是眾望所歸。

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