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uk /ɪmˈplɔɪ/ us /ɪmˈplɔɪ/

employ verb (PROVIDE JOB)

B1 [ T ] to have someone work or do a job for you and pay them for it

How many people does your company employ? 你們公司僱有多少員工?
Can't we employ someone as an assistant to help with all this paperwork? 我們不可以僱一位助理來協助處理這些文書工作嗎?
[ + to infinitive ] We've employed a market researcher to find out what people really want from a cable TV system. 我們已經僱用了一位市場調查研究員來調查人們到底想透過有線電視系統看到甚麽樣的節目。
More people are now employed in service industries than in manufacturing. 現在服務業的就業人數多於製造業。

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employ verb (USE)

C1 [ T ] formal to use something

Sophisticated statistical analysis was employed to obtain these results. 利用尖端的統計分析技術得到了這些結果。

employ verb (SPEND TIME)

be employed in doing sth formal

to spend time doing something

He was busily employed in lacing up his shoes. 他忙著繫鞋帶。


uk /ɪmˈplɔɪ/ us /ɪmˈplɔɪ/ formal
be in sb's employ

to be working for someone


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