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encounternoun [ C ]

uk /ɪnˈkaʊn.tər/ us /ɪnˈkaʊn.t̬ɚ/

a meeting, especially one that happens by chance

I had an alarming encounter with a wild pig. 我曾經意外地碰到過一頭野豬,真是驚險。
This meeting will be the first encounter between the party leaders since the election. 這是自大選以來兩黨領導人首次狹路相逢。

an occasion when people have sex, usually with someone they have not met before


an occasion when two teams play against each other

In their last encounter with Italy, England won 3–2. 在上次和義大利隊的對壘中,英格蘭隊三比二獲勝。

More examples

  • She has written a memoir of her encounters with W.H. Auden over the years.
  • I had a bruising encounter with my ex-husband last week.
  • I had a strange encounter with a French man on my way to work.
  • She reported an interesting encounter with an ex-soldier.
  • It was one of a number of amusing encounters last week.

encounterverb [ T ]

uk /ɪnˈkaʊn.tər/ us /ɪnˈkaʊn.t̬ɚ/

encounter verb [ T ] (MEET)

formal to meet someone unexpectedly

On their way home they encountered a woman selling flowers. 在回家的路上他們碰到一位賣花的女子。

More examples

  • She was, he says, the most violent woman he had encountered in 13 years as an officer.
  • As we left the memorial area we encountered a group of German students.
  • The football fans that we encountered seemed harmless enough.
  • On my way to the station I encountered a small child, begging.
  • He was probably the most obnoxious person I've ever encountered.

encounter verb [ T ] (EXPERIENCE)

B2 to experience something, especially something unpleasant

When did you first encounter these difficulties? 你甚麽時候開始遇到這些困難的?
The army is reported to be encountering considerable resistance. 據報道,部隊正遭遇到頑強的抵抗。

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