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uk /ɪnˈθjuː.zi.æz.əm/ us /ɪnˈθuː.zi.æz.əm/

B2 [ U ] a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it

One of the good things about teaching young children is their enthusiasm. 教小孩子的好處之一就是他們對甚麽都充滿了興趣。
After the accident he lost his enthusiasm for the sport. 經歷這場事故後,他對這項體育運動失去了熱情。
I just can't work up (= start to feel) any enthusiasm for the whole project. 我就是對整個案子提不起一點熱情。

[ C ] a subject or activity that interests you very much

One of his greatest enthusiasms was yoga. 他最熱衷的活動之一就是瑜伽。

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