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uk /ɪˈsen.ʃəl/ us /ɪˈsen.ʃəl/

B1 necessary or needed

Government support will be essential if the project is to succeed. 這個企劃案能否成功,政府的支援至關重要。
There is essential work to be done before the building can be re-occupied. 這棟建築在重新入住前必須進行必要的維修。
Water is essential for/to living things. 水對於生物來說是不可或缺的。
It is essential (that) our prices remain competitive. 我們保持價格方面的競爭優勢是至關重要的。
[ + to infinitive ] For the experiment to be valid, it is essential to record the data accurately. 要保證實驗的有效性,就必須精確地記錄資料。

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essentialnoun [ C usually plural ]

uk /ɪˈsen.ʃəl/ us /ɪˈsen.ʃəl/

a basic thing that you cannot live without

Because I live in a remote village, I regard my car as an essential. 因爲我住在一個偏遠的村子裡,所以我把汽車看作必需品。
When we go on holiday, we only take the bare essentials. 我們去渡假時,只帶一些最基本的必需品。
This leaflet will give you the essentials of how to prepare for a hurricane. 這本小冊子會告訴你使用文字處理器的基本知識。

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