Translation of "ever" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adverb (ALWAYS) 總是 uk us /ˈev.ər/ US  //


Manchester United's record in cup competitions grows ever more impressive. 曼徹斯特聯隊在杯賽中的成績越來越引人注目。
The ever-increasing demand for private cars could be halted by more investment in public transport. 增加對大眾運輸的投資或許可以遏制對私車日益增長的需求。
nuclear devastation was an ever-present threat 核子毀滅是個永久存在的威脅。
After nine years in Cambridge, Susannah and Guy moved to Watlington, where they lived happily ever after. 在劍橋住了九年後,蘇珊娜和蓋伊移居沃特林頓,此後一直在那裡過著幸福的生活。
ever since

continuously since that time

He's been depressed ever since he got divorced. 他離婚後一直很消沈。
as ever

in the same way as always

As ever, I was the last to find out. 像往常一樣,我又是最後一個知道的。
Yours ever (also Ever yours) UK slightly formal

used at the end of a letter as a way of saying goodbye to someone you know well

Yours ever, Yvonne. 你永遠的朋友,伊馮娜。

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