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uk /ˈiː.vəl/ us /ˈiː.vəl/

B2 morally bad, cruel, or very unpleasant

an evil dictator 邪惡的獨裁者
These people are just evil. 這些人太惡毒了。

If the weather or a smell is evil, it is very unpleasant.


More examples

  • The film was about an evil genius who wanted to control the world.
  • She was given a magic charm to ward off evil spirits.
  • I don't believe that human beings are innately evil.
  • This evil, cold-hearted killer confessed that he often drugged his victims before he killed them.
  • In the 'Harry Potter' films, does the evil wizard, Voldemort, ever actually appear?


evilnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈiː.vəl/ us /ˈiː.vəl/

B2 something that is very bad and harmful

Each new leader would blame his predecessor for all the evils of the past. 每個新上任的領導人都會把過去所有弊病全部歸咎於前任。
Drug addiction is one of today's great social evils. 吸毒成癮是現今社會的一大罪惡。
For the sake of long-term peace, the military option is the lesser evil/the lesser of two evils (= the less unpleasant of two bad choices). 為了長期的和平,採取軍事行動是兩害相權取其輕的選擇。
the battle between good and evil 善與惡的較量

More examples

  • Poverty and ignorance, the bishop said, were the forces of evil in our society today.
  • Frank subscribed firmly to the belief that human kindness would overcome evil.
  • She was portrayed in the papers as the embodiment of evil.
  • You should never meddle with the powers of evil.
  • His new book is a gruesome tale of evil, deceit and murder.

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