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uk /ɪkˈses/ /ˈ us /ɪkˈses/ /ˈ

excess noun (TOO MUCH)

C1 [ S or U ] an amount that is more than acceptable, expected, or reasonable

An excess of enthusiasm is not always a good thing. 過分熱情不見得總是件好事。
They both eat to excess (= too much). 他們兩個都吃得太多了。
There will be an increase in tax for those earning in excess of (= more than) twice the national average wage. 對於那些收入超過全國平均薪資一倍以上的人,稅收額將要增加。
excesses [ plural ]

actions far past the limit of what is acceptable

For many years people were trying to escape the excesses (= cruel actions) of the junta. 在過去很多年裡面,人們一直都在千方百計逃離殘虐的軍政府統治。
As for shoes, her excesses (= the large number she owned) were well known. 講到鞋,眾所周知她的鞋多得離譜。

More examples

  • The store has an excess of stock which it must sell off.
  • A excess of water causes the plant's roots to rot.
  • The new director says there is an excess of staff and that cuts must be made.
  • The country has an excess of cheap labour.
  • I'll give you two dozen bottles, but if there is any excess could I have it back after the party?

excessadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈ us /ˈ

C1 extra

Cut off any excess pastry and put it to one side. 切掉多餘的餅皮,放在一邊。

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