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exitnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈek.sɪt/ /ˈeɡ.zɪt/ us /ˈek.sɪt/ /ˈeɡ.zɪt/

exit noun [ C ] (DOOR)

A2 the door through which you might leave a building or large vehicle, or the act of leaving something, especially a theatre stage

a fire exit (= a door you can escape through if there is a fire) 消防出口
an emergency exit 緊急出口
He saw Emma arrive and made a quick exit. 他見到艾瑪匆匆而來又匆匆離去。
She made her exit from the stage to rapturous applause. 在觀眾熱烈的掌聲中,她退場走下舞臺。

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exit noun [ C ] (ROAD)

A2 a smaller road used to leave a main road

Come off the motorway at the Duxford exit. 從達克斯福德出口駛出高速公路。

exitverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈek.sɪt/ /ˈeɡ.zɪt/ us /ˈek.sɪt/ /ˈeɡ.zɪt/

exit verb [ I or T ] (BUILDING)

to leave a building or large vehicle

I exited quickly before anyone could see me. 趁沒人看到,我趕快離開了。
Please exit the theatre by the side doors. 請從側門離開劇場。

exit verb [ I or T ] (COMPUTER)

B1 to end a computer program that you are using

You have to exit the program before starting another. 你必須退出這個程式,才能打開另一個。

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