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expelverb [ T ]

uk /ɪkˈspel/ us /ɪkˈspel/ -ll-

expel verb [ T ] (PERSON)

to force someone to leave a school, organization, or country

The new government has expelled all foreign diplomats. 新政府驅逐了所有外國外交官。
My brother was expelled from school for bad behaviour. 我弟弟因為行為不當被學校開除了。

expel verb [ T ] (AIR/LIQUID)

to force air or liquid out of something

She took a deep breath, then expelled the air in short blasts. 她深深吸了一口氣,然後一下子把空氣呼出來。
When you breathe out, you expel air from your lungs. 呼氣的時候,把肺裡的空氣排出。

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