Translation of "export" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb uk /ɪkˈspɔːt/ us /ˈek.spɔːrt/

B2 [ I or T ] to send goods to another country for sale

French cheeses are exported to many different countries. 法國的起司出口到很多國家。
Our clothes sell so well in this country that we have no need to export. 我們生產的服裝在本國銷路很好,所以沒有必要出口。
→ Compare import verb

[ T ] to put something from one country into use in other countries

American culture has been exported all over the world. 美國文化已經傳到世界各地。

[ T ] If you export information from a computer, you copy a large amount of it to a different part of the computer's memory or to another device.

exportable adjective uk /ɪkˈspɔː.tə.bəl/ us /ɪkˈspɔːr.t̬ə.bəl/

The value of the new television technology to the company is that it is highly exportable (= can be sold in other countries). 新的電視技術對這間公司有很高價值,因為它在技術出口市場上極為搶手。
exportation noun [ U ] uk /ˌek.spɔːˈteɪ.ʃən/ us /ˌek.spɔːrˈteɪ.ʃən/

These crates have been packed for exportation (= to be sent for sale in other countries). 這些板條箱已經捆裝好以供出口。
noun [ C or U ] uk /ˈek.spɔːt/ us /ˈek.spɔːrt/

B2 a product that you sell in another country, or the business of sending goods to another country in order to sell them there

Coffee is one of Brazil's main exports. 咖啡是巴西主要的出口貨品之一。
We plan to increase our exports over the next five years. 我們計劃在今後5年內增加出口。
The export of ivory is now strictly controlled. 現在,象牙出口受到嚴格控制。
India grows tea for export. 印度種植茶葉以供出口。
We are planning to develop our export market/trade. 我們正計劃拓展我們的出口市場/貿易。

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