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uk /feər/ us /fer/

fair adjective (RIGHT)

B1 treating someone in a way that is right or reasonable, or treating a group of people equally and not allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment

a fair trial 公正的審訊
Why should I have to do all the cleaning? It's not fair! 為甚麼我要做所有的打掃工作?這不公平!
It's not fair on Joe (= it is not right) to make him do all the work! 所有的工作都由喬做,這對他不公平!
It's not fair that she's allowed to go and I'm not! 允許她去,卻不許我去,這不公平!
It's not fair to blame me for everything! 把一切都怪在我頭上,這不公平!
She's scrupulously fair with all her employees (= she treats them all equally). 她對所有的員工都一視同仁。
UK She claims her article was a fair comment on (= a reasonable thing to say about) a matter of public interest. 她聲稱她的文章是對公眾利益問題提出的公正合理的意見。
He offered to do all the cleaning if I did all the cooking, which seemed like a fair (= reasonable) deal. 他提議如果我做飯,他就做好所有的打掃清潔,這似乎挺公平合理的。

B1 If something is fair, it is reasonable and is what you expect or deserve.

I thought it was a fair price that she was offering. 我覺得她的報價是合理的。
I'm willing to do my fair (= equal) share of the work. 我願意做我應該承擔的那部分工作。
All the workers want is a fair wage for the work that they do. 工人想要的只是與他們的工作相稱的合理報酬。

If a game or competition is fair, it is done according to the rules.

It was a fair fight. 這是一場公平的拳擊賽。
it's only fair

it is the right way to treat someone and what they deserve

I think it's only fair to tell you that we have had over 300 applications for this job. 我認為應該告訴你一聲,已經有300多人應徵這份工作了。
it's fair to say

it is true to say

I think it's fair to say (that) you've done less of the work than I have. 我覺得說你事情做得比我少是很合理的。
to be fair

considering everything that has an effect on a situation, so that a fair judgment can be made

He's done the job badly but, to be fair, I gave him very little time to do it. 他工作做得很糟糕,但是說句公道話,我給他的時間非常少。
fair enough B2 UK informal

something you say to show that you understand why someone has done or said something

"I'm just annoyed with him because he's behaved so badly." "Fair enough." 「令我感到不快的是他太沒禮貌了。」「說得沒錯。」
fair's fair UK also fair dos informal

something that you say when you want someone to behave reasonably or treat you the same as other people

Come on, it's my turn. Fair's fair! 得了吧,輪到我了。公正一點!
a fair hearing

an opportunity to explain something or give your opinions, without other people trying to influence the situation

He didn't think that he got a fair hearing in court. 他覺得在法庭上沒有得到公正的申辯機會。
fair and square

in an honest way and without any doubt

We won the match fair and square. 這場比賽我們贏得光明正大。

UK US squarely If you hit someone fair and square on a particular part of their body, you hit that person hard, exactly on that part.

He hit me fair and square on the nose. 他不偏不倚打中我的鼻子。

More examples

fair adjective (PALE)

A2 (of skin) pale, or (of hair) pale yellow or gold

She's got fair hair and blue eyes. 她金髮碧眼。
a fair complexion 白皙的膚色
My sister has dark hair but my brother's fair (= he has fair hair). 我姐姐是黑髮,哥哥是金髮。
He's fair-haired. 他有一頭淺色頭髮。
All my family are fair-skinned. 我們全家人皮膚都很白。

fair adjective (QUITE LARGE)

C2 [ before noun ] quite large

We've had a fair amount of rain this week. 本周我們這裡下了不少雨。
We've had a fair number of applicants. 我們已經有相當多的求職者。
It's a fair-sized garden. 這是一座不小的花園。
We've come a long way, but there's still a fair way (= quite a long distance) to go. 我們已經走了很長的路,但是還要走很久。

fair adjective (AVERAGE)

C2 [ after verb ] neither very good nor very bad

Films are rated on a scale of poor, fair, good and excellent. 影片被評為優、良、中、差四等。
I was fair at science but it was never my thing. 我理科成績還算過得去,但我從來都不喜歡理科。

fair adjective (QUITE GOOD)

[ before noun ] (of an idea, guess, or chance) good, but not excellent

I think I've got a fair idea of (= I understand reasonably well) what you want. 我想我很瞭解你想要甚麼了。
She's got a fair chance of winning (= there is a reasonable chance that she will win). 她獲勝的可能性相當大。

fair adjective (WEATHER)

(of weather) pleasant and dry

Fair weather was forecast for the following day. 氣象預報表示明天天氣晴朗。

fair adjective (BEAUTIFUL)

old use or literary (of a woman) beautiful

a fair maiden 美麗的少女

fairnoun [ C ]

uk /feər/ us /fer/

a large public event where goods are bought and sold, usually from tables that have been specially arranged for the event, and where there is often entertainment

I bought a wooden salad bowl at the local craft fair. 我在當地的手工藝品市集上買了個木製沙拉碗。

B1 UK also funfair, US also carnival an outside event where you can ride on large machines for pleasure and play games to win prizes


C1 a large show at which people who work in a particular industry meet, and sell and advertise their products

a book/antiques/toy fair 書展/古玩交易會/玩具展銷會
a trade fair 商品交易會

a public event in the countryside where farm animals and farm products are sold

US a county/state fair 縣/州農畜產品市集
UK a cattle/agricultural fair 牲畜市場/農產品市集

UK also fete a public event, often held outside, where you can take part in competitions and buy small things and food, often organized to collect money for a particular purpose

the school fair

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