Translation of "family" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (SOCIAL GROUP) 社會群體 uk us /ˈfæm.əl.i/

[ + sing/pl verb, C or U ] a group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father, and their children

A new family has/have moved in next door. 隔壁新搬來一戶人家。
I come from a large family - I have three brothers and two sisters. 我來自一個大家庭,有三個兄弟,兩個姐妹。
He hasn't any family. 他無親無故。
He's American but his family (= relatives in the past) come/comes from Ireland. 他是美國人,但他的祖籍是愛爾蘭。
This film is good family entertainment (= something that can be enjoyed by parents and children together). 這部電影是很棒的家庭娛樂片。
How does family life (= being married, having children, etc.) suit you? 你對家庭生活還滿意嗎?

[ + sing/pl verb, C usually singular, U ] the children of a family

Women shouldn't have to choose between career and family (= having children). 在事業與家庭之間,女人不應該只能選擇其一。
Paul and Alison are hoping to start a family (= have children) soon. 保羅和愛麗森期待著不久能生個小孩。
My dad died when we were small so my mum raised the family on her own. 我們很小的時候爸爸就去世了,因此是媽媽一個人把孩子養大的。

[ + sing/pl verb, C ] a pair of adult animals and their babies

We've got a family of squirrels living in our garden. 我們的花園裡住著一窩松鼠。

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