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uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

fast adjective (QUICK)

A1 moving or happening quickly, or able to move or happen quickly

fast cars 速度快的汽車
a fast swimmer 速度快的游泳者
Computers are getting faster all the time. 電腦的速度不斷提升。
UK The fast train (= one that stops at fewer stations and travels quickly) to London takes less than an hour. 到倫敦的快車需時不到一小時。

If your watch or clock is fast, it shows a time that is later than the correct time.


specialized art used to refer to photographic film that allows you to take pictures when there is not much light or when things are moving quickly

fast and furious

used to describe something that is full of speed and excitement

It's not a relaxing movie - it's pretty fast and furious. 這不是一部輕鬆的電影——它節奏很快,扣人心弦。

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fast adjective (IMMORAL)

old-fashioned disapproving without moral principles

a fast crowd 一群生活放蕩的人
a fast woman 淫婦

fast adjective (FIXED)

If the colour of a piece of clothing is fast, the colour does not come out of the cloth when it is washed.



uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

A2 quickly

The accident was caused by people driving too fast in bad conditions. 意外是因在惡劣環境下車速過快造成的。
You'll have to act fast. 你必須迅速行動。
Children's publishing is a fast-growing business. 兒童出版是一個發展迅速的行業。

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fastadverb, adjective

uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

C2 firmly fixed

The glue had set and my hand was stuck fast. 膠水凝固了,我的手被牢牢黏住。
He tried to get away, but she held him fast. 他想逃走,但是她緊緊抓住了他。


fastnoun [ C ]

uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

a period of time when you eat no food

Hundreds of prisoners began a fast in protest about prison conditions. 數百名犯人開始絕食,抗議監獄條件太差。

fastverb [ I ]

uk /fɑːst/ us /fæst/

to eat no food for a period of time

One day a week he fasts for health reasons. 他出於健康考量每週禁食一天。

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