Translation of "fat" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /fæt/ us /fæt/ fatter, fattest
BIG 大的

A1 having a lot of flesh on the body

Like most women, she thinks she's fat. 與大多數女性一樣,她覺得自己很胖。
I hate my fat thighs. 我的大腿粗得嚇人。
He eats all the time but he never gets fat. 他總是在吃,但從來不長胖。

thick or large

He passed me a fat envelope full of money. 他從架子上取下一冊厚厚的書。
Some producers of mineral water have made fat profits. 一些礦泉水生產商獲得了豐厚的利潤。

[ before noun ] informal UK used in some phrases to mean very little or none

A fat lot of use you are! (= You are not useful in any way.) 你一點用都沒有!
He knows it upsets me, but a fat lot he cares (= he doesn't care). 他知道那讓我心煩意亂,但他根本不關心。


noun uk /fæt/ us /fæt/

[ U ] the substance under the skin of humans and animals that stores energy and keeps them warm

body fat 身體脂肪
Women have a layer of subcutaneous fat (= fat under the skin), which provides them with better insulation than men. 女性有一層皮下脂肪,使她們比男性更耐寒。

B2 [ C or U ] a solid or liquid substance from animals or plants and used especially in cooking

This product contains no animal fat. 本產品不含動物油脂。
vegetable fats 我做飯只用植物油。

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