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uk /fɒlt/ us /fɑːlt/

fault noun (MISTAKE)

B1 [ U ] a mistake, especially something for which you are to blame

It's not my fault she didn't come! 她沒來不是我的錯!
She believes it was the doctor's fault that Peter died. 她認為彼得的死醫生需要負責。
The fault was/lay with the organizers, who failed to make the necessary arrangements for dealing with so many people. 是組織者的過錯,他們沒有做好必要的安排來接待這麼多人。
Through no fault of his own, he spent a week locked up in jail. 他自己並沒犯甚麼過錯,但被關在監獄裡一個星期。

B2 [ C ] a weakness in a person's character

He has many faults, but dishonesty isn't one of them. 他有很多缺點,但人還算誠實。

B2 [ C ] a broken part or weakness in a machine or system

The car has a serious design fault. 這款汽車存在著重大的設計缺陷。
An electrical fault caused the fire. 我認為是電路出了故障。
For all the faults in our education system, it is still better than that in many other countries. 儘管存在著種種缺陷,我們的運輸系統仍然比其他許多國家的要好。

[ C ] (in tennis and some other games) a mistake made by a player who is beginning a game by hitting the ball

be at fault

B2 to have done something wrong

Her doctor was at fault for/in not sending her straight to a specialist. 她的醫生犯了過錯,沒有把她直接送到專科醫生那裡去治療。
find fault with sb/sth

C2 to criticize someone or something, especially without good reasons

He's always finding fault with my work. 他總是挑我工作上的毛病。

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fault noun (CRACK)

[ C ] specialized geology a crack in the earth's surface where the rock has divided into two parts that move against each other

Surveyors say the fault line is capable of generating a major earthquake once in a hundred years. 土地測量員稱這個斷層帶能引發百年一遇的大地震。


uk /fɒlt/ us /fɑːlt/

fault verb (CRITICIZE)

[ T ] to find a reason to criticize someone or something

I can't fault the way they dealt with the complaint. 他們處理投訴的方式我無可挑剔。
I can't fault you on your logic. 你的邏輯我挑不出毛病。

fault verb (SPORTS)

[ I ] to hit a fault in tennis and other similar games

That's the fourth serve he's faulted on today. 那是他今天第四次發球失誤了。

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