Translation of "favour" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (SUPPORT) 支持 UK (US favor) uk us /ˈfeɪ.vər/ US  /-vɚ/

[ U ] the support or approval of something or someone

These plans are unlikely to find favour unless the cost is reduced. 這些計劃除非縮減費用,否則不大可能得到支持。
The Council voted in favour of a £200 million housing development. 政務委員會投票贊成耗資兩億英鎊的新建住宅區計劃。
She is out of favour (= unpopular) with her colleagues. 她在同事當中人緣不好。
Her economic theories are in favour (= popular) with the current government. 她的經濟理論獲得現任政府的贊同。
He sent her presents in an attempt to win her favour. 他向她贈送禮物,企圖博得她的好感。
in your favour

When something is in your favour, it gives you an advantage

This candidate has a lot in her favour, especially her experience of teaching. 這位求職者有很多優勢,尤其是她執教的經驗。
find in sb's favour

If a judge finds in someone's favour, they say that they are not guilty.


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