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uk /ˈfiː.tʃər/ us /ˈfiː.tʃɚ/

feature noun (QUALITY)

B2 [ C ] a typical quality or an important part of something

The town's main features are its beautiful mosque and ancient marketplace. 漂亮的清真寺和古老的市集是該鎮的主要特色。
Our latest model of phone has several new features. 我們最新款的電話機型有幾個新特點。
A unique feature of these rock shelters was that they were dry. 這些可供棲身的岩洞的一個獨特之處在於它們是乾燥的。

[ C ] a part of a building or of an area of land

a geographical feature 地理特徵
This tour includes the area's best-known natural features, including the Gullfoss waterfall. 本次旅行的路線包括了該地區最知名的自然景觀,其中就有古佛斯瀑布。
The most striking feature of the house was a huge two-storey room running the entire width and height of the building. 這幢房子最顯著的特點是有一個巨大的兩層高的房間,與整幢房子同寬同高。

B2 [ C usually plural ] one of the parts of someone's face that you notice when you look at them

He has wonderful strong features. 他五官分明,相貌英俊。
regular (= even and attractive) features 五官端正的面孔
Her eyes are her best feature. 她容貌中最引人注目的是她那雙眼睛。

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feature noun (ARTICLE)

C2 [ C ] a special article in a newspaper or magazine, or a part of a television or radio broadcast, that deals with a particular subject

a double-page feature on global warming 關於全球暖化的跨頁特寫

feature noun (FILM)

[ C ] also feature film a film that is usually 90 or more minutes long


featureverb [ I + adv/prep, T ]

uk /ˈfiː.tʃər/ us /ˈfiː.tʃɚ/

B2 to include someone or something as an important part

The movie features James Dean as a disaffected teenager. 這部電影由詹姆斯‧狄恩飾演一個心懷不滿的少年。
This week's broadcast features a report on victims of domestic violence. 本周廣播節目裡有一則關於家庭暴力受害者的特別報道。
It's an Australian company whose logo features a red kangaroo. 這是一家澳大利亞公司,其標誌是一隻紅色袋鼠。

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