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uk /fiːd/ us /fiːd/ fed, fed

feed verb (GIVE FOOD)

B1 [ T ] to give food to a person, group, or animal

I usually feed the neighbour's cat while she's away. 鄰居不在家時,我經常替她餵貓。
Let's feed the kids first and have our dinner after. 我們先餵飽孩子,然後再吃飯吧。
[ + two objects ] Do you feed your chickens corn? 你給雞餵玉米嗎?
If you feed your dog on biscuits, it's not surprising he's so fat. 如果你是用蛋糕和餅乾餵狗,牠長這麼肥就不奇怪了。
The kids love feeding bread to the ducks. 那些孩子喜歡給鴨子餵麵包。

C1 [ I or T ] If a baby or animal feeds, it eats or drinks milk.

The baby only feeds once a night at the moment, thank goodness. 感謝老天,寶寶現在每晚只吃一次奶。
Most babies can feed themselves by the time they're a year old. 多數嬰兒到一歲的時候就可以自己吃東西了。

[ T ] to be enough food for a group of people or animals

This amount of pasta won't feed ten people. 這些義大利麵不夠十個人吃。

[ T ] to produce or supply enough food for someone or something

If agriculture was more of a priority, the country would easily be able to feed itself. 如果優先發展農業,這個國家很容易就能實現自給自足。
Feed the world/starving. 養活全世界/飢餓的人。

[ T ] to give a plant substances that will help it grow

Don't forget to feed the tomatoes. 別忘了為番茄施肥。

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feed verb (PUT)

C1 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to supply something to a person or thing, or put something into a machine or system, especially in a regular or continuous way

The vegetables are fed into the machine at this end. 蔬菜從這頭放進機器裡。
The images are fed over satellite networks to broadcasters throughout the world. 圖像透過衛星網路傳送給全世界的廣播公司。
[ + two objects ] A member of staff had been feeding the newspaper information/feeding information to the newspaper. 公主的一名工作人員過去一直向這家報社提供消息。
Several small streams feed into (= join) the river near here. 幾條小溪在附近匯流注入該河。

[ T ] to put fuel on or inside something that burns, to keep it burning

Remember to feed the fire while I'm out. 我不在時記得給火添柴。


uk /fiːd/ us /fiːd/

feed noun (FOOD)

[ C ] UK US feeding an occasion when a baby has something to eat or drink

The baby had a feed an hour ago, so she can't be hungry. 寶寶一小時前剛餵過一次,所以她不可能是餓了。

[ U ] food eaten by animals that are not kept as pets

cattle/animal feed 牛/動物飼料
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[ C ] old-fashioned a large meal


feed noun (MACHINE PART)

[ C ] the part of a machine through which it is supplied with fuel or with something else that it needs

the car's oil feed 汽車的供油管道
the printer's paper feed 印表機的進紙裝置

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