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uk /fiːl/ us /fiːl/ felt, felt

feel verb (EXPERIENCE)

A1 [ L or T ] to experience something physical or emotional

"How are you feeling?" "Not too bad, but I've still got a slight headache." 「你感覺如何?」「不算太糟,但我還是有點輕微的頭痛。」
How would you feel about moving to a different city? 你覺得搬到另一座城市去怎麼樣?
He's still feeling a little weak after his operation. 手術後他仍感覺有點虛弱。
My eyes feel really sore. 我的眼睛真的很痛。
I never feel safe when Richard is driving. 理查開車載我時,我總是覺得不安全。
Never in her life had she felt so happy. 她一輩子從未覺得這麼開心過。
My suitcase began to feel really heavy after a while. 過了一會兒,我開始覺得手提箱沉起來。
I felt like (= thought that I was) a complete idiot/such a fool. 我覺得自己是個十足的傻瓜。
She felt his hot breath on her neck. 她感覺到脖子上他熱辣辣的氣息。
[ + obj + -ing verb ] I could feel the sweat trickling down my back. 我感覺到汗水順著後背淌下來。
By midday, we were really feeling (= suffering from) the heat. 到正午時,我們確實覺得熱了。
feel like sth

B1 to have a wish for something, or to want to do something, at a particular moment

I feel like (going for) a swim. 我想(去)游泳。
I feel like (having) a nice cool glass of lemonade. 我想喝一杯美味的冰檸檬汁。
"Are you coming to aerobics?" "No, I don't feel like it today." 「你去做有氧健身操嗎?」「不,我今天不想去。」

[ + -ing verb ] to want to do something that you do not do

He was so rude I felt like slapping his face. 他這麼無禮,我真想摑他的臉。
feel the cold

to get cold quicker and more often than most people

As you get older, you tend to feel the cold more. 人上了年紀,往往會更怕冷。
not feel a thing informal

to not feel any pain

"Did it hurt?" "Not at all - I didn't feel a thing." 「痛嗎?」「一點也不痛,甚麼感覺都沒有。」

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feel verb (OPINION)

B1 [ I or T ] to have a particular opinion about or attitude towards something

[ + (that) ] I feel (that) I should be doing more to help her. 我認為我應該更加努力幫助她。
[ (+ to be) + adj ] He had always felt himself (to be) inferior to his brothers. 他總是覺得自己不如兄弟。
Do you feel very strongly (= have strong opinions) about this? 您對此很有意見嗎?
I feel certain I'm right. 我確信自己是對的。

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feel verb (TOUCH)

B2 [ I or T ] to touch something in order to discover something about it

[ + question word ] Just feel how cold my hands are! 摸摸我的手有多冷!
He gently felt the softness of the baby's cheek. 他輕輕撫摸著嬰兒柔軟的臉頰。
I was feeling (around) (= searching with my hand) in my bag for the keys. 我在袋子裡摸索著找鎖匙。

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uk /fiːl/ us /fiːl/

feel noun (TOUCH)

[ S ] the way that something feels

She loved the feel of silk against her skin. 她喜歡絲綢貼著皮膚的感覺。

[ C ] mainly UK informal the action of touching something

Is that shirt silk? Ooh, let me have a feel! 那件襯衫是絲綢的嗎?哦,讓我摸一摸吧!

feel noun (CHARACTER)

[ S ] also feeling the character of a place or situation

I like the decoration - it's got a Spanish feel to it. 我喜歡這種裝飾,相當有西班牙風情。
There was a feel of mystery about the place. 這個地方有種神秘感。
We were there for such a short time, we didn't really get the feel of (= get to know) the place. 我們在那裡逗留的時間太短了,沒有真正領略到那裡的特質。


a feel for sth also feeling

a natural understanding or ability, especially in a subject or activity

She has a real feel for language. 她的語感很好。
I tried learning the piano, but I never had much of a feel for it. 我嘗試過學鋼琴,但是從來就沒怎麼入門。
get the feel of sth also feeling

to learn how to do something, usually a new activity

Once you get the feel of it, using a mouse is easy. 你一旦學會了,用滑鼠就變得很容易。

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