Translation of "fill" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (SPACE) 地方 uk us /fɪl/

[ I or T ] to make or become full; to use empty space

I filled the bucket with water. 我往桶裡注滿了水。
I could hear the cistern filling. 我聽見往蓄水池裡注水的聲音。
I went to the library to fill (in) an hour (= use that period of time) until the meeting. 我去圖書館打發開會前的一個小時。
figurative Happy sounds filled the room (= could be heard everywhere in the room). 房間裡充滿了歡聲笑語。
figurative The thought of it fills me with (= makes me feel) dread. 一想到它我心中就充滿恐懼。

[ I or T ] to put a substance into an empty space

Before painting, fill (in) all the cracks in the plaster. 粉刷之前先把所有的裂縫用灰泥填滿。
These cakes are filled with cream. 這些蛋糕是鮮奶油夾心的。
figurative The product clearly filled a need/gap in the market. 該產品顯然填補了市場的需求/空白。

[ T ] to put a substance into a hole in a tooth to repair it

You should get that cavity filled. 你應該把那個牙洞補上。

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