Translation of "first" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (THING OR PERSON) 事物或人 uk us /ˈfɜːst/ US  /ˈfɝːst/

[ S ] the first person or thing to do or be something, or the first person or thing mentioned

[ + to infinitive ] She was one of the first to arrive. 她是其中一個最先抵達的人。
He is the first (= very willing) to admit that much of his success is due to his good looks. 他非常願意承認,他的成功很大程度上歸功於他帥氣的外表。
Tonight sees the first of three documentaries about cancer. 今晚播放有關癌症的三部紀錄片中的第一部。
from the (very) first

from the beginning

I've opposed the proposal from the very first. 我從一開始就反對那項提議。

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