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uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/ -tt-

fit verb (CORRECT SIZE)

B1 [ I or T ] to be the right size or shape for someone or something

That jacket fits you perfectly. 那件外套你穿著很合身。
The dress fits like a glove (= very well). 這件連衣裙非常合身。
Our new sofa doesn't fit through the door. 我們的新沙發通不過這道門。
I don't think another desk will fit into this classroom. 我認為這間教室一張書桌也擱不下了。
My car's too big to fit in this space. 我的車太大了,這個地方停不下。

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fit verb (BE SUITABLE)

C1 [ T ] to be suitable for something

With her qualifications, she should fit the job perfectly. 以她的資歷,應該完全能勝任這份工作。
Let the punishment fit the crime. 按罪量刑。
I'm sure we'll have something to fit your requirements. 我肯定我們會有合您意的東西,夫人。

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fit verb (PUT IN POSITION)

B2 [ T ] to provide something and put it in the correct position

All the carpets we sell are fitted free. 我們出售的所有地毯都免費代為鋪設。
She's been fitted with an artificial leg. 她裝了一條義肢。

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fit verb (ILLNESS)

[ I ] UK to have a fit (= sudden attack of uncontrolled movements)



uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/ fitter, fittest

fit adjective (HEALTHY)

A2 healthy and strong, especially as a result of exercise

I jog to keep fit. 我透過慢跑來健身。
You need to be very fit to hike the Inca Trail. 徒步印加古道必須具備強壯的體魄。

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fit adjective (SUITABLE)

C1 suitable for a particular purpose or activity

She's not fit for the level of responsibility she's been given. 她挑不起肩上的那個重擔。
be in no fit state to do sth

to not be able to do something because you are upset, ill, drunk, etc.

He's very upset and is in no fit state to drive. 他心煩意亂,不宜駕車。
fit for human consumption

safe for people to eat

(not) fit for purpose

UK Something that is fit for purpose does what it is meant to do.

see/think fit

C1 to consider an action or decision to be correct for the situation

Just do whatever you think fit - I'm sure you'll make the right decision. 你覺得怎樣合適就怎樣做吧,我相信你會作出正確決定的。
Spend the money as you see fit. 把錢花在你認為該花的地方。

fit adjective (ATTRACTIVE)

UK slang sexually attractive

I met this really fit bloke in a club last night. 昨晚,我在酒吧遇到了這個十分性感的小子。


uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/

fit noun (ILLNESS)

[ C ] a sudden attack of illness when someone cannot control their movements and becomes unconscious

an epileptic fit 癲癇病發作
He had a fit at work and collapsed. 他工作時突然昏厥倒地。

fit noun (SHORT PERIOD)

[ C ] a sudden, uncontrolled period of doing something or feeling something

a coughing/sneezing fit 一陣咳嗽/噴嚏
She hit him in a fit of anger. 她一怒之下打了他。

fit noun (CORRECT SIZE)

[ S ] the way that something fits

These shoes are a perfect fit. 這雙鞋很合適。
The trousers were a good fit but the jacket was too small. 褲子很合身,但外套太小了。
Check the fit of the pieces before gluing them in place. 用膠水黏住之前,檢查一下各片大小是否合適。

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