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fit in

phrasal verb with fit uk /fɪt/ us /fɪt/ verb -tt-

C1 to feel that you belong to a particular group and are accepted by that group

It's no surprise she's leaving - she never really fitted in. 她要離開——這一點也不意外,因為她從來都沒真正融入其中。

B2 If one thing fits in with another thing, they look pleasant together or are suitable for each other.

It's a very nice sofa but it doesn't fit in with the rest of the room. 這張沙發很漂亮,但是跟房間裡其他的傢俱不搭配。

More examples

  • She says that she doesn't fit in at her new school.
  • She's exactly the type of person we need in our department - she should fit in perfectly.
  • It became clear very quickly that the new assistant wasn't going to fit in.
  • I tried so hard to fit in, but the other staff there were reluctant to accept me.
  • Being the only father at the mothers-and-toddlers group, he struggled to fit in at first.

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