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flakenoun [ C ]

uk /fleɪk/ us /fleɪk/

flake noun [ C ] (SMALL PIECE)

a small, thin piece of something, especially if it has come from a surface covered with a layer of something

flakes of snow 雪花
soap flakes 肥皂片
This room needs decorating - flakes of paint keep coming off the walls. 這個房間需要裝修——牆上的油漆不斷地一片片地往下掉。

flake noun [ C ] (PERSON)

US informal a person you cannot trust to remember things or to do what they promise, or someone who behaves in a strange way


flakeverb [ I ]

uk /fleɪk/ us /fleɪk/

to come off a surface in small, thin pieces

Patches of skin are starting to flake off. 片片皮屑開始脫落。

Phrasal verb(s)

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