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uk /flæt/ us /flæt/ flatter, flattest

flat adjective (LEVEL)

B1 level and smooth, with no curved, high, or hollow parts

An ice rink needs to be completely flat. 溜冰場地必須十分平坦。
Roll out the pastry on a flat surface. 在平的面板上把油酥麵團擀薄。
Much of the countryside in that region is very flat. 英吉利亞東部的許多鄉村都地勢平坦。

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flat adjective (NOT HIGH)

B1 level but having little or no height

flat shoes (= ones without a raised heel) 平底鞋

Flat bread is made without yeast, and therefore does not rise.

Pitta and nan are two types of flat bread. 嵌麵包和印度薄餅是兩種未發酵的麵包。
flat cap/hat UK

a hat that is not rounded on top and has little height


flat adjective (NOT ACTIVE)

not interesting, or without emotion or excitement

After the excitement of the party, life seems somewhat flat now. 派對的興奮感過去之後,生活現在似乎相當乏味。
I thought her performance a little flat. 我覺得她的表演有點平淡。
I think the colours in this painting are kind of flat (= not varied or bright). 我認為這幅油畫的色彩相當平淡。

flat adjective (DRINK)

C2 If a drink is flat, it has stopped being fizzy (= with bubbles).

If you don't put the top back on that bottle of beer, it will go flat. 你要是不把那瓶啤酒的瓶蓋蓋上,它會走氣的。

flat adjective (COMPLETE)

[ before noun ] complete or certain, and not likely to change

His request for time off work was met with a flat refusal. 他的歇班要求遭到了斷然拒絕。
The official has issued a flat denial of the accusations against her. 那位部長矢口否認對她的那些指控。

flat adjective (WITHOUT AIR)

B2 If something such as a tyre or ball is flat, it does not contain enough air.

I got a flat tyre (= the air went out of it) after driving over a nail. 我的車胎紮了釘子後洩了氣了。

flat adjective (FIXED)

[ before noun ] (especially of an amount of money) fixed and not likely to change

We charge a flat fee/rate of $25 per hour. 我們每小時統一收費25美元。

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uk /flæt/ us /flæt/

flat noun (HOME)

A1 [ C ] UK US apartment a set of rooms for living in that are part of a larger building and are usually all on one floor

a furnished/unfurnished flat 配傢俱/未配傢俱的公寓
a block of flats 一棟公寓樓
They have a house in the country and a flat in Manchester. 他們在鄉下有一棟房子,在倫敦有一間公寓。
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flat noun (LEVEL GROUND)

[ C often plural ] an area of low, level ground, often near water

The salt flats are used for motor racing. 鹽灘被用作摩托車比賽場地。
The mud flats attract large numbers of birds. 潮泥灘吸引了大批鳥類。
the flat of your hand

the palm and fingers when they are held straight and level

He hit me with the flat of his hand. 他打了我一巴掌。
be on the flat

UK to be on a level surface, not on a slope or hill

Most of the path is on the flat. 這條小徑大部分都在平地上。

flat noun (TYRE)

[ C usually singular ] mainly US informal a tyre that does not have any or enough air in it

We were late because we had to stop and fix a flat. 我們遲到了,因為中途不得不停下來修理洩氣的輪胎。

flat noun (SHOES)

flats [ plural ]

women's shoes without high heels

I feel more comfortable in flats. 我穿平底鞋感覺更舒適。

flat noun (MUSIC)

[ C ] (a symbol for) a note that is a semitone lower than a stated note


flatadjective, adverb

uk /flæt/ us /flæt/ flatter, flattest

flat adjective, adverb (MUSIC)

(in music) lower than a particular note or the correct note

The top string on your violin is flat. 你的小提琴 E 弦音偏低。
She sang flat throughout the song (= all the notes she sang were too low). 她把整首歌的音調都唱低了。


uk /flæt/ us /flæt/ flatter, flattest

flat adverb (LEVEL)

B2 in a level position, often against another surface

Lay the cloth flat across the table. 把布平鋪在桌子上。

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flat adverb (NOT HIGH)

into a flat shape without height

These patio chairs will fold flat for storage. 這些花園坐椅可以折疊起來存放。

flat adverb (COMPLETELY)

UK informal US flat out completely or to the greatest degree possible

She told him flat that she would not go to the show. 她直截了當地告訴他她是不會去看表演的。
Could you lend me some money, I'm flat broke (= I have no money). 你能借我些錢嗎?我連一塊錢也沒有。
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three minutes, half an hour, etc. flat informal

exactly three minutes, half an hour, etc.

We managed to get to the station in five minutes flat. 我們設法正好用了五分鐘時間趕到了車站。
flat out informal

as fast or as hard as possible

My car only does about 60 mph, even when it's going flat out. 我的車即使全速行駛,也只能跑到每小時60英里左右。
We've been working flat out to get this done. 為了完成這項工作,我們一直在全力以赴。

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