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uk /flaɪt/ us /flaɪt/

flight noun (JOURNEY)

A2 [ C ] a journey in an aircraft

I'll never forget my first flight. 我永遠也不會忘記第一次乘飛機的經歷。
How was your flight? 空中旅行感覺如何?
All flights to New York today are delayed because of bad weather. 因天氣不好,今天飛往紐約的所有航班都延誤了。
My flight was cancelled. 我的航班取消了。

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flight noun (AIRCRAFT)

[ C ] an aircraft that is making a particular journey

Flight 474 to Buenos Aires is now boarding at Gate 9. 飛往布宜諾斯艾利斯的474航班現在正在九號閘口登機。

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flight noun (MOVEMENT)

[ U ] an occasion when something flies or moves through the air

an eagle in flight 飛翔的鷹
Suddenly the whole flock of geese took flight (= started flying). 突然,整群大雁都飛了起來。
Modern missiles are so accurate because their flight is controlled by computer. 現代導彈十分精確,因為其飛行路線是由電腦控制的。

[ C ] UK a group of birds, aircraft, etc. flying together

a flight of geese/swans 飛行的一群大雁/天鵝

flight noun (ESCAPE)

[ U ] (an act or example of) escape, running away, or avoiding something

They lost all their possessions during their flight from the invading army. 在躲避侵略軍時,他們失去了所有的財産。
put sb to flight UK old-fashioned

to defeat someone and force them to run away

take flight

to run away

The burglars took flight when the alarm sounded. 警報一響,盜賊們就逃走了。

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flight noun (SET)

C2 [ C ] a set of steps or stairs, usually between two floors of a building

We live up three flights of stairs. 我們住在三樓。

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