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uk /fləʊt/ us /floʊt/

float verb (NOT SINK)

B1 [ I ] to stay on the surface of a liquid and not sink

An empty bottle will float. 空瓶子能浮起來。
You can float very easily in/on the Dead Sea because it's so salty. 因為死海含鹽量很高,人可以輕鬆浮在水面上。

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float verb (MOVE)

B1 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to (cause to) move easily through, or along the surface of a liquid, or to (cause to) move easily through air

We spent a lazy afternoon floating down/along the river. 我們沿河漂流而下,懶洋洋的渡過了一個下午。
He tossed the bottle into the waves and watched it float out to sea. 他把瓶子扔到浪中,看著它漂向大海。
The children enjoy floating their boats on the pond in the park. 孩子們喜歡把玩具船放在公園的池塘裡玩。
Fluffy white clouds were floating across the sky. 絨毛似的白雲在天空中飄過。
figurative The sound of piano-playing floated out through the open window. 從開著的窗戶中飄出彈鋼琴的聲音。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] literary to move smoothly and attractively

She sort of floats around, like a ballet dancer. 她像個芭蕾舞演員,步態輕盈。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to move or act without purpose

Since he lost his job, he's just floated around/about doing nothing. 自從失業後,他就四處遊蕩,無所事事。

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float verb (SUGGEST)

[ T ] to suggest a plan or an idea to be considered

Laura has floated the idea that we should think about expanding into Europe next year. 伊恩提議,我們應該考慮明年拓展打入歐洲市場。

float verb (CHANGE VALUE)

[ I or T ] specialized finance & economics to allow the value of a country's money to change according to the value of other countries' money

Argentina decided to let its currency float freely against the dollar. 政府決定讓英鎊匯率自由浮動。

float verb (BUSINESS)

[ T ] to start selling shares in a business or company for the first time



uk /fləʊt/ us /floʊt/

float noun (MONEY)

[ S ] UK a small amount of money kept by someone who works in a bar, etc., used for giving customers their change


float noun (VEHICLE)

[ C ] a large vehicle with a flat surface that is decorated and used in festivals

carnival floats 狂歡節彩車

float noun (NOT SINK)

[ C ] a piece of wood or other light material that stays on the surface of water

Fishing nets are often held in position by floats. 漁網常常用浮子固定。

float noun (DRINK)

[ C ] a drink with ice cream on the top

I'll have a root beer float, please. 請給我來一杯加霜淇淋的麥根沙士。

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