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uk /flaɪ/ us /flaɪ/ flew, flown

fly verb (TRAVEL)

A2 [ I ] When a bird, insect, or aircraft flies, it moves through the air.

The poor bird couldn't fly because it had a broken wing. 這隻可憐的鳥飛不起來了,因為它的翅膀斷了。
As soon as it saw us, the bird flew away/off. 鳥一看到我們就飛走了。

A1 [ I or T ] to travel by aircraft, or to go somewhere or cross something in an aircraft

We flew to Paris. 我們乘飛機去巴黎。
We fly from/out from/out of La Guardia, but fly back (in)to JKF. 我們從希思路機場起飛,但返航時在格域機場降落。
We are flying at a height of 36,000 feet. 我們正在9000公尺的高空飛行。
She has to fly thousands of miles every year for her job. 她每年因為工作要飛行上千英里。
Who was the first person to fly (across) the Atlantic? 誰是飛越大西洋的第一人?

[ T ] to use a particular company to travel by aircraft

I usually fly Lufthansa/Japan Airlines/El Al. 我通常搭乘漢莎航空公司/日本航空公司/以色列航空公司的航班。

C2 [ T ] to transport people or goods by aircraft

The restaurant flies its fish in daily from Scotland. 這間餐廳每天從蘇格蘭空運魚。
We will be flying 100 badly wounded civilians out of the battle zone tonight. 今晚我們將空運100名受重傷的平民離開戰區。

B2 [ I or T ] to control an aircraft

I learned to fly when I was in Australia. 我在澳大利亞時學會了開飛機。

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fly verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

[ I ] to move or go quickly

With the explosion, glass flew across the room. 隨著一聲爆炸,房間內玻璃碎片四處橫飛。
Cathy flew by/past me in the corridor. 在走廊裡,凱茜從我身邊飛奔而過。
My holiday seems to have flown (by) (= passed very quickly) this year. 今年我的假期好像飛一般地就過去了。
The door/window suddenly flew open. 門/窗戶猛地打開了。
UK informal Anyway, I must fly (= leave quickly) - I didn't realize how late it was! 無論如何,我必須走了——我都沒意識到有多晚了!

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fly verb (WAVE)

[ I or T ] to wave or move about in the air while being fixed at one end

The ship was flying the Spanish flag. 這艘船掛著西班牙國旗。
The flag was flying at half-mast (= brought down to a point half way down the pole) to mark the death of the president. 降了半旗為總統逝世致哀。
There isn't really enough wind to fly a kite today. 今天風確實不大,放不起風箏。

flynoun [ C ]

uk /flaɪ/ us /flaɪ/

fly noun [ C ] (INSECT)

B1 a small insect with two wings



fly noun [ C ] (TROUSERS)

UK also flies the opening at the front of a pair of trousers

Hey Chris, your fly's undone! 嗨,克裡斯,你褲子拉鏈開著呢!

fly noun [ C ] (FISHING)

a hook (= curved piece of wire) with coloured threads fastened to it, attached to the end of a fishing line to attract fish


fly noun [ C ] (TENT)

UK also flysheet an extra sheet of canvas (= strong cloth) stretched over the outside of a tent to keep the rain out


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