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uk /fəʊld/ us /foʊld/

fold verb (BEND)

B1 [ I or T ] to bend something, especially paper or cloth, so that one part of it lies on the other part, or to be able to be bent in this way

I folded the letter (in half) and put it in an envelope. 我把信對折後裝進一個信封裡。
He had a neatly folded handkerchief in his jacket pocket. 他的上衣口袋裡有一方疊得整整齊齊的手帕。
Will you help me to fold (up) the sheets? 你能幫我把床單疊起來嗎?
The table folds up when not in use.

[ T ] literary to wrap

She folded her baby in a blanket. 她把嬰兒裹在一塊毯子裡。
He folded his arms around her. 他用雙臂摟住了她。
fold your arms

to bring your arms close to your chest and hold them together


[ T ] to move a part of your body into a position where it is close to your body

She sat with her legs folded under her. 她盤腿而坐。

More examples

fold verb (FAIL)

[ I ] (of a business) to close because of failure

Many small businesses fold within the first year. 許多小公司在第一年就倒閉了。

foldnoun [ C ]

uk /fəʊld/ us /foʊld/

fold noun [ C ] (BEND)

a line or mark where paper, cloth, etc. was or is folded

Make a fold across the centre of the card. 在卡片中間折一道線。

specialized geology a bend in a layer of rock under the earth's surface caused by movement there


fold noun [ C ] (SHELTER)

a small area of a field surrounded by a fence where sheep can be put for shelter for the night

the fold

your home or an organization where you feel you belong

Her children are all away at college now, but they always return to the fold during the holidays. 她的孩子們現在全都離家上大學了,但是他們假期總是都回來。


uk / -fəʊld/ us / -foʊld/

having the stated number of parts, or multiplied by the stated number

threefold 三倍
fourfold 四倍
The problems are twofold - firstly, economic, and secondly, political. 這些問題是雙重的:第一,經濟上的;第二,政治上的。
In the last 50 years, there has been a 33-fold increase in the amount of pesticide used in farming. 在過去50年裡,用於農業的殺蟲劑數量增長了33倍。

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